Anonymous calls in Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing

When using Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams, you have the ability to let users decide if they want to call with their configured telephone number (LineURI) or hiding their caller ID.

There are a few assumptions that I use.

  • You already have Direct Routing enabled for Microsoft Teams;
  • Connectivity with your telecom provider is ready;
  • Anonymous traffic is sent correctly from your gateway (SBC) to the telecom provider;

If you’re having question to get Direct Routing in place for Microsoft Teams, contact me via LinkedIn.

Now for the configuration part. If you want to test this for a single user first, you need to make a new Calling ID policy (CsCallingLineIdentity). Create a remote Windows PowerShell session that connects to Skype for Business Online. Use the following example to make a new calling ID policy:
New-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity “Anonymous Test” -EnableUserOverride $true

The EnableUserOverride parameter makes sure that the user gets the option for hiding the caller ID.

Caller ID Hide my phone number and profile information for calls

Assign the newly created calling ID policy to the user:
Grant-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity “<user identity>” -PolicyName “Anonymous Test”

The result will be that the user gets an extra option in the Teams client. The user can change the setting in Settings – Calls

When the option is enabled, the phone number and profile information for all calls will be hidden.

After verifying everything works, you can change the global calling line identity and set the EnableUserOverride parameter to True.

Hans Sleurink

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